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Plant maintenance service

Bonsai maintenance service is necessary for all projects with trees. Landscape construction in general and the planting of trees (green trees, ornamental plants, ornamental grasses) in particular is a process that takes a lot of time, effort and money. After completion, we must have a suitable bonsai care plan. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to maintain the original idea. Green plants grow well or not well depends on many factors. In which, soil, irrigation water, fertilizers and pests are the main factors. Therefore, ensuring these factors will help our trees grow best.

GIA LONG with many years of experience in the field of design and construction of landscape and garden projects. We are pleased to introduce professional tree care and maintenance services nationwide for customers who are interested and have needs:

Details of landscape care services include:

  • Advising customers on appropriate and effective tree care methods
  • Periodic pruning care of shade trees, flowering trees, bonsai trees and lawns
  • Pruning, shaping trees, hedge plants
  • Cleaning, taking care of rock landscapes, ornamental tanks, lakes, etc.
  • Water the plants periodically
  • Regularly sweep and collect dry leaves, garbage, etc.
  • Assists in the prevention and eradication of plant pests.
  • Fertilize, spray maintenance for plants periodically
  • Replace and replant new trees for short-term plants and flowers

Objects that are provided with GIA LONG tree care and maintenance services include:

  • Taking care of the villa garden
  • Garden landscape care
  • Taking care of plants and factories
  • Taking care of trees in buildings and offices
  • Taking care of the resort's greenery
  • Taking care of highway trees
  • Taking care of trees in parks and commercial centers
  • Taking care of urban trees
  • Taking care of school trees
  • Taking care of indoor plants
  • Taking care of vertical green wall

With a wealth of experience in the field of landscape design, care, and maintenance of trees. We always meet the strictest criteria of each customer.

  • GIA LONG has a staff consisting of agricultural engineers and gardeners with many years of experience. Capable of handling incidents of trees, especially rare and perennial plants
  • The GIA LONG team is capable of understanding the characteristics of each type of tree. And analyze weather conditions to come up with the best care plan. Helps plants to grow healthy and long.
  • GIA LONG's partners are large seed suppliers across the country. Together with a number of agents that import foreign varieties to meet all the needs of changing trees when required by customers.

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