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Notes when buying bonsai you need to know

1. Choose a place to supply reputable ornamental plants

It is very unfortunate if you buy bonsai but do not receive careful advice, or encounter an inexperienced seller. But it's even more unfortunate if you encounter "experts" who are only good at theory. The possibility of you buying the wrong plant is very high. Therefore, it is important to choose a reputable supplier. From there, receive advice from people who have full knowledge of both theory and practical experience.

Currently, ornamental plants are sold on the street a lot. Although it looks very beautiful and pleasing to the eye, in reality most of it is "fake trees". Sophisticated sellers use methods such as sticking more flowers and fruits to attract buyers. Therefore, it is advisable to choose reputable companies and ornamental plants to avoid "losing money".

The potted plants brought home to take care of for a while have yellow leaves, fall or have fungal pathogens. Chances are, during your purchase, the plant has already incubated pathogens that are invisible to the naked eye. It is necessary to observe, choose carefully, avoid rushing to buy because of its sophisticated beauty.

2. Equip yourself with knowledge before buying bonsai

It's sad if you don't have much knowledge about trees. A little expert advice may not be enough. By yourself, you should actively buy more books or refer to social media sources. From there, have your own best bonsai care method.

3. Limit the purchase of bare root seedlings without potting

Bare-rooted trees and those that hit the gourd are also sold quite a lot today; It is very difficult to judge the quality. If the root system is not fresh, the sprouts are not fat, you should not choose to buy. Seedlings hit the whole pot, see if there are new roots; If you touch the roots and see that the roots are crushed, the color is pale, you should not choose.

4. Capture the behavior of the tree

Need to grasp and understand the behavior of ornamental plants; then based on the environmental conditions around the house. From there, determine the most suitable ornamental plants. Do not choose to buy flowers to plant a crop and then leave. In addition, shade trees, construction trees, villa plants and houseplants should also comply with the conditions of the place of planting and soil.

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