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Landscape design and construction

GIA LONG PLANTS COMPANY specializes in providing design consulting services, landscape construction and tree care for office buildings, buildings, apartment buildings, villas, townhouses,... Working style always puts the customer's interests and desires as the operating criteria, we are committed to making customers satisfied within the scope of the work performed. Coming to GIA LONG, customers will experience quality services and products with sustainable value at the same time.,...

Below, GIA LONG provides customers with basic working steps when they receive projects from customers, hoping that you can understand a part of our work when implementing projects.

– Topographical survey & measurement.

– Receive requests & give ideas.

– Sketch drawings using 3D technology.

– Landscape engineer advises on materials, varieties and construction methods.

– Present the design, quote & sign.

- Construction, follow up progress.

- Completion and handover of the project.

- Aftermarket.

GIA LONG hopes that our professional landscape products and solutions will bring customers beautiful green spaces. We believe that bringing nature into the living environment is an effective solution to create joy and improve the quality of life.

With us, you will receive creative and detailed landscape designs. Technical team construction on schedule, good quality, cost in accordance with the budget of the customer.

Customers who need to design and construct landscape items for houses, villas, hotels, apartment buildings, resorts ..., please contact us.

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