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How to take care of outdoor bonsai

Trees are an indispensable part of human life. Planting trees is not only for decoration to create beautiful scenery but also for shade. Use trees to increase green space to cover the dry, hard concrete wall, or plant tall trees to create shade in the garden, or some shrubs. fragrant flowers good for beautiful flowers….

Not all plants have the same watering needs, only plants grown in full light need a lot of water, and plants grown in shade or low light can be watered moderately or every other day. .

In the rainy season, it is not necessary to water much, but only lightly water to wash the leaves, especially for the first rains of the season because the unseasonal rain often has a lot of acid dust that will damage the leaves.

You should water in the morning and water thoroughly to make sure the plants are sufficiently moist, note that large trees must be watered slowly so that the water has time to penetrate deeply into the roots. Note in the hot season, water it twice a day so that the tree does not wilt, it is difficult to recover, and the tree is easily damaged or dried. Fertilizer for garden bonsai must follow a monthly schedule.

- Fertilization is carried out in the rainy season so that bonsai have enough moisture to absorb fertilizer easily.

– Fertilize ornamental plants in 2-4 batches depending on the type of plant, if the tree is large or the lawn is fertilized in two phases (one batch of inorganic fertilizer, one phase of decayed organic fertilizer), shrubs or trees Colored leaves are fertilized in 3 batches (an inorganic, organic and foliar fertilizer), for flowering plants, fertilize every month alternately with 3 groups of inorganic, organic and foliar fertilizers with the following dosage. According to the manufacturer's instructions, do not over-fertilize the plant, it will kill the plant.

Only fertilize when it's cool, usually in the early morning or late afternoon, fertilize when the plant has enough moisture or water immediately after fertilizing.

The height of each type of bonsai is maintained depending on the decoration requirements, if it is a lawn, it is cut once a month (in rainy season) to always look neat, shade trees must be cut off. into the power grid, the shrubs are neat...

Regularly cut off damaged yellow leaves and dead flowers to isolate the source of disease for plants when experiencing prolonged rain and wind. If a tree is tilted, it must be repaired immediately to avoid damage to the house.

Pest control for garden bonsai: If the bonsai is always neatly trimmed and has no yellow damaged leaves, it is rarely attacked by pests. When the weather changes seasons, it is necessary to spray pesticides to prevent, when using pesticides, pay attention to choose drugs of biological origin to ensure the health of the whole family.

In addition, when ornamental plants have pests and diseases, they must ask experts to use effective new specific pesticides. Uproot or cut down any bonsai that grow too much.

After a few years (from 4-5 years) there will be a few shade trees that grow too fast and will overwhelm the surrounding trees. At this time, homeowners need to observe to decide whether to cut down which trees to leave behind. .

If you see a large tree but don't cut it down or pull it up, the foliage will cover all the light of the trees below, the small trees will tend to grow tall and destroy the foliage, and the grass with insufficient sunlight will grow sparse and gradually die pruning garden bonsai.

How to take care of the god tree

The care of outdoor plants also needs attention because plants outdoors are exposed to many types of insects that can cause plant diseases.

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