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Benefits of Growing Indoor Plants

In today's modern life, trees are increasingly lacking. Natural space is getting smaller and smaller. The roads are becoming more and more cramped, the trees are absent, and the skyscrapers are racing to grow together. More and more vehicles, smog is also increasing exponentially. Living in a polluted environment, industrialization and modernization make people want to be closer to nature. In the current interior designs, many families often aim to design more green space. Like the design of skylights, sunlight & natural air. Or many homes take advantage of planting more trees in the house, on the terrace, and on the balcony… So, what are the benefits of growing indoor plants?

Good benefits of indoor plants

Today's urban area is expanding, nature is shrinking instead of skyscrapers. Living in a polluted environment, modern industry makes people want to be closer to nature. Trees are an essential part of life. But the green trees in nature in urban areas are less and less. Therefore, at present, indoor plants or indoor plants are very popular. For placing in private homes or offices, and public buildings…

Indoor plants bring freshness to your space

Talk about the benefits that indoor plants bring. The first is the aesthetics. The space in your house will certainly be more beautiful and attractive by the accents of a few indoor plants. The green color of the tree also makes the colors in the house harmonious & balanced. The house looks fresher & more alive when there are indoor plants. If you are a nature lover, it is even better because you will feel really alive, and be immersed in nature every day.

Indoor plants according to feng shui also bring fortune and luck

One of the factors that people choose to plant indoors is the feng shui factor. Depending on the type of tree, it will have different feng shui meanings such as fortune, prosperity, love and health ..., different placements and suitable for the age or destiny of the owner. However, most of the indoor plants according to feng shui have good meanings, so you just need to choose the plants you love and are suitable for your age and destiny.

Trees are both beautiful and have many benefits for human health

It's not enough to be beautiful, trees must also be useful. Indoor plants play a big part in protecting people's health. They can be considered as "air purifiers" because they have the effect of purifying the air in the house, giving your space a freshness and fresh. The indoor environment seems to be far away from street smoke, but in fact, there are still many harmful substances that exist, emitted from the interior of the house such as ammonia, trichlorethylene, benzene, etc. The ability to clean the air from toxic substances. The damage of some ornamental plants that absorb toxic gases in the house is up to 85%.

In addition, there are indoor plants or tabletop aquatic plants that also absorb radiation emitted from electronic devices, helping people limit being affected by rays that are harmful to eyes, skin, and eyes. whole body in general.

In addition, when working or studying but suffers from eye strain & stress, relaxing by looking at indoor plants is also an effective method.

Another benefit is that houseplants have the ability to repel mosquitoes and other insects that are harmful to human health. Some types of green plants possess a mild fragrance, which helps the human mind to feel relaxed. But on the contrary, it is a killer for mosquitoes, cockroaches, mice or ants...

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