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Beautiful landscape garden plants suitable for decoration

In today's chaotic life, there are times when it will make you feel, depressed, tired, everything stuck. At such times nature will be essential to help you overcome that feeling. Using landscape plants to decorate will help purify the air, cool the space, and dispel the troubles of life. Therefore, the choice of trees in garden design is being interested by many people. Today we will introduce some plants used to decorate, beautify, as well as bring many good values to your family. Let's find out through the article below!

1. Bamboo fishing rod

Fishing rod bamboo is in the same family as green bamboo, which many people choose to decorate places with limited space or grow as a fence around the house. Bamboo fishing rod has a bright green color, easy to grow, strong vitality, can create shade and bring beauty to the garden space.

2. Champagne Areca Tree

Champagne areca tree is also known as champagne tree. It is a plant with a unique wine bottle-like shape. Trees create a cool, fresh atmosphere and are planted in the garden, contributing to the beauty and elegance of the garden.

3. Sake Tree

Sake tree is a tree used for decoration, shade and can bring abundant fruit. Dried breadfruit leaves can also be used as medicine or cooked in cool water.. Breadfruit tree is a light-loving plant, so it is suitable for choosing as a decorative plant for your garden.

4. Palm tree

Ta palm tree is a plant in the areca family, the stem has many scars, the leaves are concentrated at the top, the petiole is thick and there are many spines. Xeo leaves create an impressive look, attracting all eyes. The tree does not grow too strong, which is also the reason why the tree is used in decoration, housing, green campus, garden.

5. Star fruit tree

The star fruit tree is an ornamental plant that is familiar to all Vietnamese people because the image of star fruit tree is associated with the homeland, grandparents, so it is often used to decorate the garden to always remind of the homeland. In addition, growing star fruit can both decorate and have fruit to eat or cook, so star fruit is very suitable for growing in your garden.

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