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Beautiful garden landscape according to feng shui and things to know

Currently, small garden landscape is becoming an exterior design trend that is favored by many families. These miniature models not only make your garden more beautiful and luxurious, but also help bring luck and fortune if you know how to choose the right model of beautiful garden miniatures in accordance with feng shui.

1. What is garden feng shui?

Feng shui is an ancient doctrine that originated in China. After that, this theory was widely spread in East Asian countries in general and Vietnam in particular. Feng shui includes factors such as terrain, direction, surrounding air and directly affects people.

Garden feng shui is the same, it is a part of life that directly affects the destiny of the owner. The entire family garden space needs to be arranged and arranged in such a way that it is in harmony with the yin and yang and the five elements.

Only when the small landscape of the garden creates a favorable position, good air circulation, and abundant vitality, will it maximize the meaning of garden feng shui. At that time, the owner will have good luck, happy family, success and development on the path of fame and career.

2. Principles of designing beautiful garden landscape according to feng shui

For Eastern people, feng shui is a spiritual issue but has practical meaning in life. The design of a beautiful garden landscape in accordance with feng shui is also something that many people are interested in. The principles of garden design according to feng shui in this article will be of great help to you, so please spend time with Cleanipedia to find out this issue!

  • Gate

When designing a garden according to feng shui, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the gate. The size of the public should be proportional to the house and open the door to the inside to create the hospitality of the owner.

The vines on the gate only need to be planted a little, so don't plant too much, because that will obscure the gate. You should build stone columns to build stone columns on both sides of the entrance gate and paint it black or blue for the gate facing North, East and Southeast. As for the gate facing South, Southwest and Northeast, you should paint it red. White and yellow will be for gates with West, North and Northwest directions.

  • Garden path

The positive energy and vitality of your home will enter from the main gate, the front yard of the garden and then spread to other areas. To attract a lot of good energy, the entrance to the garden needs to be carefully calculated.

You should not design a path in the form of a straight line, with sharp bends, but only a winding path to create a sense of spaciousness and depth for the garden and help you feel more relaxed and pleasing to the eye. . The stone paving for the path, you should not put it directly towards the main door of the house.

In addition, you should plant flower pots or bonsai pots placed on both sides of the path to create yang and when growing, the tree will cover the sharp edges of bricks and paving stones to make the path more beautiful. When choosing materials, you should choose materials that are strong, durable, anti-slip, easy to walk, and avoid objects with rough and uneven surfaces. Brick walkways should be paved in different styles such as zigzag, continuous or wavy to create a variety of creative ideas.

  • Fence

The fence should not be designed too close or too high compared to the main building, because according to the concept of feng shui, this will create an imbalance in energy, making the yin sound not good for the owner and family members. .

When designing a fence for the garden, you should have a uniform height or the fence has a sharp shape but the pointed direction should not go straight into the house. You can also plant vines over the fence for extra vitality. In particular, the flowers also help to decorate the landscape of your garden more beautiful and wonderful.

  • Accessories and garden decorations

With the creativity and continuous development of science and technology, designers have devised a variety of accessories and decorations for the garden space that are both beautiful and luxurious. Several types of garden accessories are available and easy to find in stores such as lamps, statues, ceramic vases or flower pots, wall flower baskets, and vines are very suitable.

Some suggestions for decorating beautiful small gardens are being loved by many people:

  • If you want your garden to look more beautiful and bring prosperity, luck, ... for the house, the decorative items also have a big influence. You should put longevity symbols such as cranes, deer or turtles in your garden to bring longevity and health to everyone in the family. You can also place statues that bring good luck, fortune and longevity around the garden to create good luck for your family.
  • If there are outdoor corridors in your home space, you should decorate with flower baskets or vines to bring the original atmosphere to the house. If the hallway is behind the house, the best idea is to design a rockery like a mountain protected by the god Kim Quy. In addition, you can also place large ceramic vases symbolizing good luck to attract prosperity.
  • For garden samples decorated with stones, you should avoid choosing sharp rocks but instead round stones. Big rocks, you should not place too close to the house. This will bring no luck to everyone in your family.

3. How to arrange the garden direction according to feng shui

3.1 Arrange the garden direction according to feng shui

The garden direction is simply understood as the main direction that the homeowner goes to the garden area. Each yard direction will have a different meaning that can attract and bring positive or negative energies to the homeowner. According to feng shui, the garden space can be arranged in the following directions:

  • Garden in the East: This is the direction the sun rises, so it brings good luck to the homeowner. If the garden is in the East direction, the homeowner needs to pay attention to the ventilation so that it can attract good energy, help strengthen the bond between family members and support social relationships.
  • Garden in the West: This is considered the direction to bring evil to the family's garden. Homeowners need to consider carefully before choosing this as the main direction for their garden. If it is not possible to change the other direction, this garden area should be quiet, planted with many trees with good vitality and slow growth.
  • Garden in the South direction: South direction is the best direction when homeowners choose to be the main direction to enter the garden. Because, this is the direction of sand that helps bring a lot of positive energy and good luck to the owner. The entrance to the yard in the south direction does not need to be too wide, just enough ventilation. If it is not possible to make the main entrance in this direction, homeowners can refer to the arrangement of a phoenix statue to attract positive energy for their garden.
  • Garden in the North: The garden should have a spacious and airy entrance, because the North tends to be slow and heavy. Walkways need to be designed straight or slightly curved and planted in clusters like bamboo to help attract positive energy. Besides, homeowners can arrange more aquariums, fountains or waterfalls that will help bring good luck to the family.

3.2 Arrange the garden direction according to the bagua diagram

In garden feng shui, the best garden direction is the South direction, but in order to achieve the peak of vitality, it is necessary to determine that this direction coincides with the direction of the fame sign.

After determining the direction, it is necessary to place the bagua diagram on top of the garden drawing so that the direction of the fame bow coincides with the direction of the garden. After that, the direction and meaning of the remaining signs will be determined, corresponding to different areas of each family.

  • Put the bagua on the garden plan: First, the homeowner needs to determine the direction of the yard, then place the bagua on the garden plan so that the palace of fame coincides with the direction of the garden. For example, if the garden is in the northwest direction, then the palace of fame will be in the northwest direction. At that time, homeowners will easily find out the remaining signs correspond to which position of the garden and which part of the garden affects which areas of the homeowner's life.
  • Weak arc: If the garden is not square in shape, it means that all parts of your life are not symmetrical at all with parts of the garden. In this case, what is likely to happen is that your zodiac signs will be missing or shrink. Which areas of the garden are missing, your personal life area is only related to feng shui - private house, not related to feng shui garden - general. For example, if you are in a romantic relationship but for some reason you do not want to make it public, you will find that your family has this relationship sign but the yard does not.
  • Extended bow: The gardens have a zigzag shape, jutting to one side, with a space away from the main garden or the land in front of the house that used to be the driveway of the next house. These parts often protrude in the garden plan when you place the bagua on the main part of the garden. If any sign in the bagua expands to a large part, your corresponding zodiac sign will have many benefits. People with a lot of money often have an extended wealth supply, while people with a lot of children often have an extended family line.
  • Incorporating houses into the bagua plan: If the garden is around the house or located on many sides of the house, it is best to include the house in the overall plan. In this case, some zodiac signs in the bagua map for different areas of the homeowner's life will fall into the house, not the garden. Thus, it means that your life is more complete than if the garden is treated as a separate part. If the house of fortune falls into the house position, you will make money discreetly maybe working alone, even working from home, or the wealth comes from another source that you want to keep as secret as your own. inherit or ask you to play the stock market.
  • Layout 8 areas: At this point, your garden has a bagua diagram divided into 8 areas. You will know which life area is influenced by which part of the garden, thereby creating the best feng shui space for your garden. The basic trigrams include the following eight basic signs:
  1. Fortune Supply: Brings the meaning of material and money prosperity. Homeowners can set up a warehouse here to store valuables or as a nursery to grow flowers and ornamental plants for sale.
  2. Cung Gia Dao: For families with small children, this is a suitable corner for children to live and play. Encourage the homeowner to arrange a large lawn with toys and miniature items designed in a youthful manner.
  3. Palace of Fame: This is an ideal place, suitable for entertaining friends and relatives or planting flowers to make a good impression. Homeowners should not use this place for anything private that needs quiet.
  4. Career Palace: This part of the garden can be a place to grow new plants. This symbolizes the continuous development of new life, the constant advancement in the work of the owner.
  5. Knowledge Palace: This is a suitable area for reading, studying and other activities to develop mind and soul.
  6. Relationship bow: This place is suitable for planting perennial plants, fruit trees or a place to share and bond between family members.
  7. Palace of joy: This is considered an entertainment area. Here, homeowners can set up a table and chairs to drink tea to receive guests or arrange in another way as an outdoor swimming pool.
  8. Health Palace: This is an ideal place for the family to relax, rest and recuperate after stressful and tiring working days. Homeowners should combine the placement of small garden landscapes such as aquariums, waterfalls or fountains.

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