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3 garden feng shui taboos to avoid

1. Direction to place the rockery

You absolutely must not place the rockery in the East and South directions, because according to feng shui, these two directions destroy all future prospects in the family. Therefore, when building a rockery in these two directions, it will cause intelligence and capacity to be buried, unable to promote on the path of fame and career.

  • West direction: The rockery in this direction is sand. You can mix with plants and flowers to reduce direct sunlight.
  • Northwest direction: This is considered the direction of great sand, but the rockery cannot stand alone. Therefore, you need to mix with ornamental plants to flourish.
  • North direction: In this direction, the rockery needs to be designed a little higher. However, you should only choose some main plants as accessories, do not plant too many will cover up prosperity.

2. Do not abuse gravel and stones when designing the garden

The decoration of pebbles and stones in the garden is almost indispensable, because stones and pebbles will bring elegance and convenience. Sometimes, it is the rocks in the path that will become the highlight of the garden to make the space brighter.

But you overuse gravel and stones, which will limit the area of ​​​​land for planting and the habitat of creatures. The most important thing when using too much gravel and stone is that the air is limited, leading to a backlog of negative energy in your garden.

3. Pay attention to water design in the garden

Water is known as an element that brings fortune and luck to the owner. When water combines with plants, it will help improve the quality of life and the air in your home. However, it is not the small water landscape in the garden that can bring fortune and luck to the owner. Therefore, if you want to build a small landscape, you need to consider the direction to place it accordingly.

In addition to looking at the direction, you also need to see how the homeowner's destiny is before starting to build a small water landscape in the garden. When carrying out construction, you need to regularly clean the lake, keep the water in the lake always clean and ensure the principle of "mountain behind, water in front". In addition, you should also limit green plants such as ferns, cypresses, and banyans because those are plants that carry negative energy, which can bring bad luck to the homeowner.

Garden feng shui is one of the very important elements in the living space of every family. This brings about a harmonious balance in color, personality and a good relationship between people and nature. Besides, it also contributes to renovating the fresh garden space, bringing a fresh atmosphere to the house space. Therefore, when you want to design a beautiful garden landscape, you need to pay attention to the feng shui factor to bring fortune and luck to your family!

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