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Tuyet son phi hong tree

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There are many types of plants that are chosen as beautiful ornamental plants, in which the non-pink painted snow flower is voted as a strange plant, with special colors, attracting eyes, making many people popular. With the silvery white color of the tree combined with the pink and purple color of the flowers, it will bring more beauty to the space. This plant is suitable for planting to decorate the garden, planting as walkways, fences or in urban constructions...

This non-pink painted snow tree is also known as white snow painted, silver leaf. They are shrubs, the leaves of the plant when young are silvery white and when they are large, they are green. The plant produces purple-pink flowers that cover the entire surface of the plant. If we look closely, we see that the plant has a purple-pink color that covers all the small leaves inside. Thanks to the color of the tree, it brings a charming beauty. The tree is popular and planted in many places in the garden, cafe, restaurant, etc., bringing a quite new space.

The highlight of this non-pink snow tree is its silvery-white leaves that are different from other trees. Amidst the highlights of silvery-white like the background covered with a layer of snow and decorated with pink purple flowers. With this image will make an impression on people who meet this plant for the first time. Trees are among the beautiful construction plants because they can flower all year round. Although the flower of the plant only blooms in each wave for about 4 to 5 days, it will produce the next flower in 2 or 3 months. Continuously like this, the people who grow this snowy tree will be able to see the flowers all year round.

Referring to purple, everyone will surely think of fidelity, and this plant brings meaning as a message for the waiting color. Purple also brings romance, so when planting this plant, it will always create a warm, peaceful and calming space. What's more wonderful if you go into a walkway filled with pink snow flowers in full bloom. If you have this plant in your garden, it will definitely help stand out more for your whole space. When it's time to bloom, if you can see the slender purple-pink flowers blooming full of life, you will feel peaceful, comfortable and dispel the fatigue.

Thanks to the characteristics of plants that are easy to grow and easy to care for, they attract a lot of people's attention. Currently, this plant is used in many different applications in human life. Plants can be grown in the home garden, thanks to the cutting shape to make them more eye-catching. Many families use trees to make borders, paths, fences, plant in flower beds, etc. Some works use trees to plant in the park to help decorate the space with fresh colors.

To propagate the non-pink snow tree, you can take cuttings for the tree, this is the most effective method for the tree to always grow well. Remember that propagating in the spring is favorable for plant growth. This plant is not difficult to take care of, just like some other plants, but growers of this plant need to keep in mind that they need to keep the tree moist continuously, need to expose the plant to a lot of sunlight, and periodically fertilize it. plants so that the plants have enough nutrients to feed the flowers in many seasons. At the same time, it is necessary to prune dry branches and toothpicks when the tree is finished flowering, the new tree will continue to flower more next time. Wish you success in planting and taking care of beautiful trees.


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