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Truc Quan Tu

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Why is it called Truc Quan Tu? According to Eastern philosophy, the bamboo tree symbolizes the upright gentleman because of its flexibility, able to withstand storms and storms without breaking. According to the concept of feng shui, this is a plant with good properties, straight trunk, bright colors, not too dense, can reduce bad omens, clear space, bring good luck, so Today, the tree is popularly planted to decorate the garden landscape, front of the house, corridor, entrance, stair area, balcony, skylight area and even terrace.

The image of the bamboo tree also has the meaning of luck, is a symbol of erudition, profound wisdom, stability and certainty in the face of adversity. According to Chinese culture, bamboo paintings are given to shizi, symbolizing good luck, fighting petty people, cheating and envy in exams. Bamboo paintings are also a meaningful gift for homeowners on the occasion of housewarming, suitable for hanging in the bedroom or living room in the hope of bringing luck and good luck to the homeowner.

With the above meanings, Truc Quan Tu is very popular as an ornamental in the garden, as a fence to cover dust, purify the air, create small garden scenes in cafes, hotels or villas...

Scientific name : Bambusa multiplex

English name: Hedge Bomboo, Buluh Pagar, Chinese Dwarf Bamboo

Family: Poaceae

Origin: China

Distribution in Vietnam: Widespread

Truc Quan Tu is a species of tree in the quartet of vases

Morphological characteristics: Stem, canopy, leaves: The tree grows sparsely, the root has a long crawling rhizome, small, yellow shoots, soft, curved branches. Leaves are striped, almost sessile, pointed at the tip, sheathed around the stem, glossy green, arched veins. Flowers, Fruits, Seeds: Inflorescences with many spikelets.

Physiological and ecological features:

Growth rate: Fast

Suitable for: Light-loving plants, medium water needs, propagated from dust separation.

Truc Quan Tu is a species of tree in the quartet of vases (Tung, Cuc, Truc, Mai) these are the four species of trees that have entered the traditional arts and culture of the Orient. Truc Quan Tu tree is a typical image of a gentleman. The image of the bamboo tree brings wisdom, profound erudition, and certainty in the face of adversity. But includes the meaning of good luck for the exam, against the petty people, the market.

Truc Quan Tu is widely used and popular in Vietnam in the design of miniatures, gardens, and buildings. Because it is suitable for soil conditions as well as climate in Vietnam.


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