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Trang Phao Banana

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Common names: Banana flower tree firecracker, banana tree phoenix beak, banana tree firecracker.

Scientific name: Heliconia Rostrata

Botanical family: Heliconiaceae

English name: Firebirds

Height: 90 – 120 cm

Uses: Banana flower tree cannon is a tree with beautiful and strange flowers, so it is often planted as ornamental garden, park, coffee shop... The tree is planted in clusters, planted in bushes or planted in rows. Usually the banana plant is grown outdoors, but it can still live for a while indoors.

Cannon flower is a herbaceous perennial with a hard stem. The leaves are simple, alternating, dark green, borne on long petioles rising from the ground. The leaves of the banana flower tree are from 90 to 150 cm high, the leaf blade is lance-shaped, easily torn by the wind. The leaves end their life cycle replaced with drooping inflorescences.

The yellow cannon banana flowers are hung in clusters of showy bracts that appear when the plant is 2 years old or older. The bracts are brilliant red to pink and the tongue is yellow or green with a length of 15-20 cm. The whole cluster of banana flowers is very long, up to 90 cm, with a unique shape.

Cannabis plants grow well in full sun or partial shade. The plant grows and flowers best in fertile, moist soil. Fertilize the plant regularly throughout the growth process. Cannon flower plants often have leaf spots, scales or harmful nematodes.

Cannon flower plants are often planted in clusters, in bushes or in rows to decorate gardens, parks, and cafes. The tree can also be used as an interior plant in places with little light.


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