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Table Top Five Spices

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Ngu Gia Bi tree also known as the Five Gia Bi foot tree, the Young Ginseng, the Nam Ginseng, is a precious tree, often grown for interior decoration, halls, living rooms, corridors, gardens... Ngu Gia Bi belongs to a small woody species with many branches and double leaves spreading like a propeller. Small white flowers grow in clusters.

Ngu Gia Bi tree is an evergreen tree all year round, has the effect of curing many diseases, Ngu Gia Bi has the meaning of spiritual encouragement.

The tree grows wild in the Northern, Central and Southern provinces of Truong Son. Recently, the penguin's foot is very popular, classified as a beautiful, high-class and expensive ornamental plant.

Ngu Gia Bi tree helps the space become fresh, creating a feeling of relaxation and clarity for the owner. In addition to the ornamental effect, medicinal plants also work to help repel mosquitoes in the living space.

Instructions for caring and looking after the Ngu Gia Bi tree: The plant likes light but has good shade tolerance, easy to grow, easy to care for, quite cold tolerant, medium water needs, should water the plant 2 times a week

Pest prevention

Brown planthopper: Appears and destroys when the plant begins to produce young leaves, they focus on the growth top of the tree, causing serious damage to young leaves, loss of aesthetics, slowing the plant growth.

Measures to prevent hoppers:

Before the plant begins to produce young leaves, it is necessary to clean the display area of ​​the potted plant thoroughly and cleanly, so the plant should be kept in a cool and dry place, this will limit the appearance of planthoppers. . It is necessary to regularly monitor and detect pathogens to promptly destroy and avoid spreading to a large area. At the stage of young leaves should not fertilize the plants with inorganic fertilizers. It is possible to stimulate plant growth with Chitosan combined with buffalo head foliar fertilizer.

Except for diseases:

When planthoppers appear, it is necessary to spray Diazan to control planthoppers, according to the concentration indicated on the bag with a cycle of every 3 days. If the plant is heavily damaged by aphids, it is necessary to cut off the damaged leaves and destroy them and spray again with the above medicine.


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