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The flowers are very beautiful and the flowers are very beautiful

The flower of the prince is brightly colored, colorful but still gentle and feminine and luxurious with a passionate and seductive fragrance, extremely wrong flowers, flowers bloom continuously many times a year, can cover the hot sun. good to be very popular.
The meaning of military history flower

The flower tree with a meaningful name means that a gentleman does not become an official but is not a hermit nor an official, showing the characteristics of the tree withstanding all disagreements, being poor, but always reaching out to the truth. and light with abundant vitality.
Characteristics of military history flowers

The flower tree is also known by many names, the plant is known as the tree, the scientific name is Quisqualis indica, belonging to the family Combretaceae, which is native to Asia and tropical Africa.

Su Quan Tu is a woody climbing plant that climbs on soft, long-lived young branches. Using a gentleman's branches branch a lot, young branches and cakes are green, old branches turn brown. The leaves are dark green and glossy, oval in shape, pointed at both ends, rough to the touch, single leaves are opposite, veins are prominent, edges are raw.

The flower of the gentleman grows from the axils of the leaves to form a beam of brilliant colors, extremely wrong flowers. Tubular flowers divided into 5 equal lobes. Initially, the young buds are white, then the flowers gradually become small and beautiful pink, when the flowers are sunny enough, they will turn red. In the process of changing color the petals gradually curl horizontally into a tubular shape, spreading the star-shaped petals. The whole flower truss seems to carry thousands of brilliant stars shimmering in the morning sun. Flowers gradually darken and wither, allowing new flower clusters to continue to bloom from the leaves. A seductive floral fragrance. The flower of the military man blooms most continuously in the summer and autumn, and in the winter the tree dies. Fruit elliptical about 3cm long with 5 corners on the surface, black seeds pentagonal, dry fruit not open.

There are two types of singles of Vietnamese origin and dual types of Thai origin, which look more graceful and profound. Both types have fragrant flowers and grow in dense clusters.
How to plant and care for flowers of military history

The flower tree is a healthy vines, fast growing, good resistance to harsh weather, easy to grow and care for.

The plant likes a lot of sun, light, ventilation, grows well in tropical areas.

Using the gentleman can be grown on many types of soil, including sandy soil, bad soil, arid, rocky soil, however, in order to have the wrong flower, many branches, and thick leaves, it should be planted in a soil rich in humus and rich in nutrients. Nourish, good drainage.

The tree grows fast, has many branches, so the need for water is high, especially in the seedling to adult stage. When the tree is grown, and planted in the ground, it does not have to be watered much.

Plants flower continuously, wrong flowers need a lot of nutrition, you can fertilize once a month for the tree.

During the rainy season, trees grow very quickly, so we need to prune regularly during this time.

Propagate sage by seed or cuttings.
How to sow seeds:

After drying the fruit, take the seeds and soak them in a moist, spongy substrate. After 1 month, the seeds of the sage germinated, we can be plucked and planted, no need to cover anything. After two years, the seeded plant had flowers.
How to take cuttings:

Cut the branches of the cake, big and strong, with about 2-3 eyes with a length of about 20cm, cut diagonally at an angle of 60 degrees. Soak the branches in water or rooting stimulant solution for about 20 minutes, then stick the branches tilted to the moist substrate at an angle of about 45 degrees. Keep the soil moist regularly, within 10 days the cuttings will take root, sprout and after 1 year have flowers.
Application of plants in flower decoration of military history

The flower tree has a unique color change on the background of young green leaves, extremely wrong flowers and has a passionate and seductive fragrance, so it is chosen as a beautiful, beautiful tree that is very popular for decorative planting. time.:

    Planting urban landscape truss: on the sidewalks and corridors of the bridge, the bridge uses a gentle winding covering the truss, showing off the beautiful, red, and pink rose petals that lose the rough appearance of iron materials. steel
    Use the gentleman to plant it into a vine, a porch, a fence that both protects from the hot sun, beautifies and has a pleasant fragrance
    Using a gentleman to plant shade for townhouses on balconies and villas in the apartment complex brings a subtle fragrance throughout the space.
    Military history is also planted in combination with art iron racks and swings to create a romantic and elegant scene.

With the seductive fragrance of flowers, in the summer, the whole family gathers around the tea table under the flower truss, which is emotionally and romantically connected.

The gentle and pure beauty of worm flowers captivates people's hearts and is also a good medicine in traditional medicine.

The seed of the military man is used to remove roundworms, so the folk name is worm wire.

The leaves and fruits of the worm are also used to treat interest books or treat oral diseases.


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