Silver Swallow Flower – White Silver Butterfly

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Silver Swallow Flower – White Silver Butterfly

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The silver butterfly plant belongs to the genus Mussaenda philippica, is a plant with clusters of white bracts. The tree is often planted to decorate the garden of townhouses and villas - planted in clusters or planted in pots. In addition, the silver butterfly tree is also planted to create beautiful flower borders in the green landscape of companies and enterprises. In urban areas, silver butterfly trees are often planted in park flower beds or some intersections.

Not only valuable in terms of ornamental but Silver Butterfly is also a precious medicine in Vietnamese folklore. According to Oriental medicine, the silver butterfly has a slightly sweet taste, coolness, and has the effect of clearing heat, clearing expression, opening up anger, harmonizing, balancing blood, and reducing inflammation. Doctors often use it to treat colds, cough, white fever, rheumatism, runny nose, heatstroke; tracheitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis; edematous nephritis, enteritis diarrhea; uterine bleeding; snake bite; pyoderma; treating rheumatism, detoxifying leaves, using silver butterfly decoction to wash sores.
Common names: Silver butterfly tree, silver swallow flower tree, butterfly flower tree, butterfly flower, jade plant
Scientific name: Mussaenda philippica
Plant family: Rubiaceae (Coffee).
Originated from the Philippines, Indonesia.
Silver butterfly is a popular variety that is grown a lot because this variety has many sepals (usually 5 per flower) instead of just one like the silver butterfly tree also known as PEARL POLY.
Silver butterfly tree is a small tree, shrub form, many branches, young branches are hairy. The tree is much branched and early.
Silver butterfly leaves are oblong oval, sometimes inverted spear, pointed and rounded at the base, pointed to the tail at the tip, 8-15cm long, 3-5cm wide, dark green above, lighter color below thin, tough.
Because Silver Butterfly has yellow flowers and white leaves, it is also known as "Jade chlorophyll flowers" ("Yellows" = white leaves like jade, "needle flowers" = yellow flowers).
The silver butterfly tree has berries, 6-9mm long, 6-7mm wide, black, longitudinally ribbed on fruit, smooth, with numerous small, black seeds, glabrous. Fast growth rate.
Light-loving plant, the plant can withstand drought and heat. The tree grows strong, often has beautiful white bracts and flowers bloom a lot around October every year.
In a garden, silver butterfly plants are easy to spot at a distance with beautiful, white spots. Especially at bushes covered with showy white or pink "flowers" that at times obscure the leaves.
Silver butterfly is often used as a border plant, creating hedges or mixing elegant colors with other plants and trees to create a background or green lawn.
Silver Butterfly Plant – White butterfly plant is often propagated by seeds or cuttings.


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