Red betel nut tree

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Red betel nut tree

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Common names: Red betel nut, red areca tree

Scientific name: Cyrtostachys Renda, Cyrtostachys lakka Becc

Belongs to the family: Areca (Arecaceace)

Origin: From the islands of Indonesia and popularly grown in our country in gardens and parks.

Morphological characteristics

This is a large shrub with a tall, round stem with many short internodes, long sheaths embracing the trunk, rolling leaves, rolling leaves all bright red, looking very beautiful, dark green leaves in the form of double feathers, loops. down like a phoenix tail.

The height of the tree can be up to 10m, the leaves growing at the top usually only need to be 1-2m high, the stem has dense leaves.

The leaves are about 1.5m long, double feathered, large sheath hugging the stem and bright red, the petiole is also red, so it is favored by many people to grow as an ornamental and is easy to distinguish from other plants.
The meaning of the red areca tree according to feng shui

Planting trees has been considered as a very important solution in enhancing the vitality of the house for generations. When the tree is lush, it means that the vitality is abundant and prosperous. Red betel nut is one of the ornamental plants that can adapt to many harsh environments in hot and cold climates, including tropical or temperate climates. The tree can live in water or in soil.

According to feng shui, when planting trees outdoors, it will have the effect of storing wind, preventing cold winds from blowing down from the north and northeast and creating shade against the harsh sun from the west and northwest to filter dust and retain steam. water, does not block the fresh wind from the South, Southeast blowing up. Our forefathers often have the saying "Before the areca, after the bananas" left by our forefathers is the way to plant trees that are suitable for the climate, the location will bring luck, fortune, prosperity, usually we only see planting. The scowl in front of the house is like that according to the experience left by his father.

However, if the land is large, it should not be planted arbitrarily and rampantly, but just planted in accordance with the laws of plants and feng shui. For beautiful straight-stemmed trees, they are often planted in balanced pairs, avoid being alone, planted in odd numbers should be in 3 groups or 5 trees.
Techniques for planting and caring for red betel nut trees

Have we figured out how to take care of the tree? It is a light-loving plant itself, suitable for arranging plants outdoors, can survive in the shade of large trees, on the other hand, the tree grows quite quickly, often cracks seedlings and forms a very visible bush. spectacular.

When growing outdoor plants, they can be planted in any position according to preference. But especially when planting office furniture, you should pay attention to the space, they will make the office they will survive in narrow spaces, poor lighting must be checked regularly to avoid dead plants. The red areca tree has a very high water requirement because of its floating roots, which take up a lot of area, so we need to choose large sized pots, the depth ensures good water retention to create conditions for the plants to grow well.

Growing plants outdoors will help plants grow faster in pots. However, attention should be paid to the types of aphids that will attack or powdery mildew. We should check regularly if the tree has disease, we must spray, can use drugs such as: Diazan 60EC, Bascide 50EC, Bassa 50EC, ... many cases of powdery mildew can be used Boocdo, can be spontaneous prepare a mixture of copper sulphate CuSO4.5H2O mixed with water and lime for treatment. Fertilize the tree every 30-40 days, use 20-20-15-TE NPK fertilizer far from the tree and water it thoroughly.


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