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Rainbow Tree

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Seven colors rainbow is a beautiful ornamental plant with colors similar to the color of the rainbow. It is this brilliant color that gives players a feeling of freshness, full of enthusiasm and energy in the body.

If you are a color lover then this is a plant worth having in the house. Trees are often decorated and planted around gardens, buildings or you can make decorative scenes on your desk, living room table, TV shelf or study table...

Name and origin: Seven colors of the rainbow Botanical family: Commelinaceae (Jasmine), native to Central America (Mehico), widely distributed in Vietnam.

Characteristics and morphology: The plant has a very short stem, leaves grow close to the ground. Leaves are striped, sessile, sheathed, oblong head. The upper surface is green with prominent white streaks along the veins, the lower surface is pinkish purple.

The inflorescence is small in the leaf axils, outside there are 2 mounds facing each other like seashells. Yellow white flowers, long oblong capsule.

The tree has a fast growth rate, suitable for light-loving or partial shade-tolerant conditions. Soil rich in nutrients, well drained, medium water needs. Propagated from dust separation.

Application: Seven-color plants can be planted in gardens, urban areas, or used as table decorations.

Seven-color tree is a shade-tolerant tree and has a fairly fast growth rate. But in the rainy season due to high humidity, the tree often has the phenomenon of leaf rot. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the tree in places with lots of natural light and dry. If the plant has leaf rot, it is necessary to cut off the stem with leaves, so that the water level does not overwhelm the petiole and expose the plant to the sun to prevent the growth of bacteria.


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