Pineapple Candle Red Scene

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Pineapple Candle Red Scene

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Candlestick pineapple plant is a flower plant that can meet all your needs, from hobbies, beautifying, decorating more space to taking care of it, it doesn't take too much time, and it is suitable for growing indoors and outdoors. , office.

The tree has a flower cluster at the top, the bracts are yellow, red or orange, they are arranged on top of each other to create a very beautiful star shape, hidden in that star are small ivory white flowers. The pineapple bonsai tree is 3 years old, it has small ivory white flowers, when the flowers bloom, it will bring a lot of luck to the owner.

In addition, the tree also represents the welcome, cheerfulness of the owner because the shape of the tree is like a firecracker candle that is always "exploding" and is also very colorful, very suitable for people with fire destiny.
Common names: Candlestick pineapple tree, ornamental pineapple tree, lotus petal pineapple tree, red star tree, red flame tree, flowering maple tree English name: Chrismas candle
Scientific name: Tillandsia imperalis Family: Bromeliaceae (Pineapple family)

Height: 40 - 60 cm (Including pot height)

Origin: Mexico (Americas)

Uses: Candlestick pineapple is a plant with brilliant flower clusters that is often used as a border plant - a background plant in gardens, parks, factories, cafes ... In addition, pineapple bonsai trees are also potted. desktop or standing pots to decorate the interior of offices, houses…

Stem, canopy, leaves: Herbaceous, almost stemless plant bearing leaves arranged in flowers close to the base to create a false stem, perennial evergreen, subsistence. Leaves are long, blade-shaped, young green, smooth on both sides. have orange, red, pink or yellow bracts that develop like a star-shaped flower.

Flowers, fruits, seeds: Small, ivory-white flowers, growing at the top of trees, hidden in bracts; Flowers that bloom in a very short time will wither.

The tree is almost stemless with leaves arranged in flowers close to the base, the blade is oblong, pointed at the tip, the edge is whole, glossy green. Inflorescences grow at the top. Many red bracts stacked on top of each other.

Pineapple ornamental red candles are often used to plant the edge of pots in parks, cafes, gardens ...

In addition, the ornamental pineapple species has a medium growth rate. Plants grow well in partial shade. The demand for water supply is not too high, it is at an average level, suitable for use as an interior plant, a desktop tree.

Care instructions for pineapple candles Care: the plant is very easy to care for, so it only needs to be watered daily, leaving the plant exposed to sunlight for 15-30 minutes. At least once a week must be watered, do not let the soil dry out completely. And should pay attention to the moisture of the soil, should fertilize regularly once a month, in the form of a solution.

Propagation: By separating the bonsai about 7.5cm from the mother plant.


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