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Periwinkle Flower – Desktop Tree

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Weeded periwinkle is often grown in decorative balcony pots, hanging flower pots in front of the porch, terrace, or planted in the garden to create a very beautiful color carpet.

Currently, because there are many varieties of periwinkle that have been successfully bred with many colors, periwinkle is also used a lot to decorate urban landscapes, especially decorations on big holidays.

Periwinkle is well adapted to all climatic conditions in Vietnam, the tree flowers all year round and lasts long. If you are a flower lover, this is a worthy ornamental plant in your flower collection.

In bloom, Periwinkle will give fresh flowers with many colors. This makes your home space brighter and fresher than ever.

Common names: Periwinkle flower, Lighthouse, Coconut cotton tree, Evergreen flower...

Scientific name: Catharanthus roseus

Family: Apocynaceae (Hardwood)

Periwinkle is grown a lot in our country for ornamental purposes with many colors and designs such as: potted periwinkle, construction periwinkle, hanging potted periwinkle, hanging potted periwinkle or balcony periwinkle. .

In which periwinkle has similar characteristics to other types of periwinkle: Belongs to herbaceous plants or small evergreen shrubs, much branched. The leaves of periwinkle are also oval or elongated like a boat with a size of 2.5-9cm long and 1-3.5cm wide. Leaves are glossy green, hairless with paler central veins and short petioles growing in opposite pairs.

Periwinkle also has a variety of flower colors from cute pink to romantic purple or from white to dark pink with a red heart.

The hanging potted periwinkle is beautiful in flower color, green and novel in shape, so it is very suitable for planting in pots with hooks of many shapes and sizes to create decorative hanging products. interior - exterior, decoration of cafes, restaurants ... or used as gifts.

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