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Ngoc Ngan De Ban

Product code : CCVP05

Price : 60.000 VNĐ
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Honeysuckle is a partial or full shade-loving plant, well adapted to the air-conditioned environment in the office.

- Green leaves with white spots bring harmonious beauty to your space.

- Making green space, creating a balance between nature and people.

– Air conditioning, air for your space.

- Plants grow fast, easy to live, easy to take care of.

– Buy to grow as ornamental plants, decoration or as gifts. The harmonious combination of white and blue colors has given Ngoc Ngan a distinctive luxurious beauty. Partial or full shade tolerant plant, well adapted to the cold environment in the office.

– Table jade tree The harmonious combination of white and blue colors has given Ngoc Ngan a distinctive luxurious beauty.

Desktop Jade Plant Scientific name: Aglaonema oblongifolium. Culture origin: Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, South China and Thailand. Distribution in the South - Vietnam.

Morphological characteristics:

bushy, almost stemless, evergreen, perennial, reaching a leaf height of 40-50 cm at maturity. Leaves large, oblong, about 20-30 cm long, about 7.5 cm wide, green leaves, silver spots or silver streaks. There are silvery white leaves, speckled with green. The leaves are long, greenish-white, and soft. The many leaflets gather together to form the pseudo-stem of the plant.

Ecological characteristics:

It is a semi-shade-tolerant, moisture-loving plant.
Has a fast growth rate, fast new leaves, high water demand because the leaves are quite luxuriant.
The plant is quite easy to care for.

The jade tree likes to decorate the corner of the office, office, home interior, etc. The tree brings many benefits when placed on the desk. Daily water a little on the base of the tree and expose the plant to sunlight for 15-30 minutes per week. Note: limit watering directly on the leaves if the plant is kept in an air-conditioned room to avoid wilting. Just take advantage of small spaces in the living room, dining room or balcony to create the ideal green space for your space. 1 week should let the plant out 1 day.


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