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Canaries is one of the most beautiful and fragrant woody plants in Vietnam. With wide spreading foliage, green young leaves, canary-colored flowers like the flowers of the dragon-scale orchid, it has an attractive aroma like the French "eau de Cologne" perfume, so the canary is A very popular flowering plant.

Before the liberation of the South in 1975, in Hanoi, there was only a canary tree planted in Xuan Huong flower garden next to Ba Dinh Square. In early summer, the tree changed its leaves and flowered beautifully, attracting many domestic and international visitors. come to sit under the tree to watch and enjoy the fragrance of flowers. Many foreign embassies in Hanoi have offered to provide trees for planting in their embassies.

After liberation, the development and cultivation of Canaries in Hanoi really started. Today, Canaries have been planted in many flower gardens, and in offices and family gardens in the capital. Canaries should be planted as shade trees in the streets of Hanoi and many cities and towns throughout the country.

In addition to ornamental value, canary tree also gives good wood, has a distinct core, hard and heavy (density 0.71-1.12, in dry outdoor conditions); used to make agricultural tools, used in construction. The skin is rich in tannins; very good charcoal wood. Canary canary is also used as a windbreak, soil improvement...

Outlook: This is a very promising ornamental and flowering plant. Can be planted as a shade tree in parks, streets, household gardens. Canaries also need to be studied to grow in large areas in semi-arid areas as a tree providing wood, tannin, environmental improvement and soil improvement.


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