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Million Bell Flowers

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The million bell flower looks very similar to the evening primrose, but the flowers are smaller and smaller. Compared to the evening primrose, the Million Bells flower is more resistant to heat and rain. The tree is suitable for both temperate and tropical climates, has a fast growth rate, and flowers continuously from time to time. Flowering time is very long, can last all year. Besides, they do not need to be fussy in care, strong roots, not strict water requirements, few pests and diseases and can withstand erratic rain and sun.

This flower plant will not wilt when the temperature increases, the plant has good tolerance to heat and rain. Trieu Chuong produces small flowers with or without seeds and does not require pruning when flowering. All they need is moist soil and sunlight to keep your hanging basket full of life. With these advantages, Million Bells bell flower deserves to be the perfect balcony flower plant. This type of hanging pot is also very suitable for terraces, front porches, window spaces or to add color to small garden scenes, miniatures of cafes, etc.

In the morning, when going to the garden to water the plants, the beautiful flowers of millions of bells keep swaying in the wind as if they are playing a song of the heart, humming, humming… Seeing the lovely flowers and enjoying the fresh air on a new day will be very pleasant. great. Add color and flavor to your life with these pretty hanging flower pots.

Name: Million Bells International Name: Million Bells

Origin: South America. The tree was introduced in the 1990s.

Million bells is a herbaceous plant, because of the shape of the small, beautiful flowers like bells and dense flowers, which bloom continuously from time to time, which is called Million bell.

Currently, the tree has many types of flowers and many colors for

you choose. Many people still mistakenly think that the million bell flower is a nightingale plant, but it is not.

Million bells are very easy to live, so you have a lot of ways to grow and take advantage of many indoor applications, you can plant them in porcelain pots, plastic pots, in baskets made of bamboo ...

Million bells are beautiful plants that you must have in your home. Currently, there are many addresses that provide million bell flower plants and seeds, but you should note that in order for the plant to live well, care from the supplier is very important, so the tree will not get sick and quickly droop.

Soil quality is also a factor that you should pay attention to when buying plants. Currently, Gia Huy bonsai garden has proactively maintained good soil quality (alluvial soil mixed with manure, coconut fiber and fresh rice husks) to grow each plant. tree type. So the plant will live very healthy and long life without you needing to fertilize a lot.

Caring for Million Bells: Million bells are well-lived ornamental plants with fast and durable growth. The plant flowers all year round.

You need to pay attention to factors such as:

- Good soil quality, good soil is the soil containing: coconut fiber, manure, fresh rice husk and alluvial soil in the ratio 1/5:1/5:1/5:2/5.

- Water the plant in the morning.

Plant pots need good drainage holes.

- Hard to catch worms and prune trees.

- Fertilize according to each season of the year. Usually, it will be applied in the middle of the year and at the end of the year if the soil quality is good.


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