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Magnolia tree

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The magnolia tree brings a noble beauty, a symbol of sweet feminine beauty. Referring to this flower is referring to a rather sad story like the coldness that flowers bring. Currently in Vietnam, this plant is not popular, so very few people know about this plant. According to research, the climate and environment here are very suitable for breeding them. Let's try to learn about the meaning of this tree to know why they are so famous.


– The magnolia tree originated in France, then distributed in many countries. There are many countries that love and grow ornamental plants. There are many states in the United States that choose this flower as the state symbol.
Scientific name: Magnoliaceae
– It is known that this flower existed before bees appeared on earth. They attract beetles that can pollinate the plant, so the carpel part of the plant is quite hard to avoid being eaten by insects.
- Flowers of the plant do not distinguish sepals and petals stick together, not separate.
– Woody, long-lived, with a healthy body, the tree can reach a height of 30m when living in a nutritious environment.
- Leaves are smooth green, oval in shape. The flowers of the magnolia tree have many colors such as white, pink, yellow…and they have a charming fragrance. After the flower fades, it will bear fruit, shaped like a pale pink pine cone. If there is this plant in the garden, it will surely bring a very pleasant atmosphere, helping to relax the spirit.

Magnolia flower meaning

This plant has many different symbolic meanings depending on the color of the flower they bring.
- If the plant has white flowers, it will represent purity, purity, and the highest bar. Everything to the owner is always perfect
– If the tree gives pink flowers, it will bring more innocence, youth, and love to life. Fresh life full of pink.
– If the tree gives green flowers, it will symbolize luck, bring the owner many favorable things about health, abundant luck.
Regardless of the color of the flower, this plant always brings nobility, splendor, and charm to people.

Do you know where to buy cheap magnolia trees? Because today this tree is inherently known for its splendid beauty and deepest meaning. They have become a popular ornamental plant and many people want to grow them in their home garden. Try walking around the bonsai shops in Hanoi, after being directed we were shared by many people to come to the World of Trees and Flowers shop on Linh Dam - Hoang Mai street. Originally, if you wanted to find an outdoor bonsai to grow around the house, the Magnolia would be a choice not to be missed. Here sell many different types of ornamental plants with many shapes and most popular flowers. Through analysis and introduction of the shop owner shared:

“This plant is propagated by cuttings so it will ensure a faster and stronger growth. In the store there are many varieties of plants with different heights and sizes, depending on the customer can choose to be most satisfied. In addition to selling ornamental plants, we also provide you with how to grow and care for those plants, ensuring you will have more peace of mind when coming to our world of plants and flowers.”

The magnolia tree is a beautiful ornamental plant, promising a lot of meaning to your family, choose for yourself to have a more wonderful space.


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