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Sesame tree is one of the ornamental plants that are most interested by tree players. They are not only a beautiful ornamental plant with spiritual value, but they also bring many very effective benefits to human health. The tree is also styled by bonsai artists, with many different shapes to have a beautiful shape. Leaving the sesame plant in the house will help bring luck, fortune and prosperity to the owner, so let's learn about this plant.


– Another name: Happy Tree
– The tree is native to Southeast Asian countries and in Vietnam they are widely distributed everywhere.
- Sesame buds are among the precious ornamental plants "birth, figs, conifers, and buds" in which the main charm is the sesame buds, they have many attractive features.
- The tree is easy to grow, easy to care for, people can propagate this plant by sowing seeds or cuttings or cuttings to make the tree grow faster and grow faster.
– It is a woody plant, the trunk has a rough shape, the bark is gray, the leaves are smooth green, oblong at both ends with serrated edges.
The flowers of the Locust tree are red or pink, long hanging down to the ground, the flowers are long-lasting, have a charming fragrance, when the whole tree is in full bloom, it looks most graceful and soft.
– The bonsai tree has many different looks after being molded and limited in the height of the tree. They are planted in pots, often placed in front of the house, yard, etc.


Sesame buds have many different meanings, they are loved by many people, and are always the most chosen plants to grow indoors. With the meaning that they bring to the homeowner will help a lot in our lives.

- The meaning of bringing luck and fortune to the owner, so they are often used as gifts to give each other.
The flower of the tree is red, symbolizing fun in the house, when the flower blooms, it signals that the wedding is about to take place in the house.
In addition, the sesame tree symbolizes simplicity, economic development, and prosperity for the owner.
– When growing this plant in the house will make us feel peaceful, attract money, fame, always bring safety to the forefront.
According to our ancestors, when analyzing the meaning of the sesame tree, with the fortune in the word "prophecy", sesame means small but many, red flowers mean prosperity. It is these things that give the tree many different meanings.
– In feng shui, adapted from the story of Alibaba and 40 robbers with the magical mantra "open the door" now a treasure trove appears in front of Alibaba's eyes. Also because of this story, the sesame tree has the meaning of attracting money and energy to your family.

With so many meanings, this plant is very favored and interested by many people in recent times. In order to have beautiful sesame buds, many bonsai artists have used their ability to shape them. There are many people who hunt for bonsai trees to make ornamental, decorate and adorn the whole family more beautiful.


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