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Nguyet Que is a small tree, 2 to 8 m high, perennial. The tree has smooth bark, curved trunk and many branches, dark green leaves, flowers all year round and has a faint scent.

Laurel is seen as a symbol of glory and victory. Recently, many people buy and plant Laurel tree in pots, placed in front of the house. Many people believe that the laurel tree can ward off evil spirits.

Many business places or choose to plant Nguyet Que in front of the door with the desire to have a lot of luck in business, and reap a lot of fortune.

Laurel tree needs to be recognized at the root as a symbol of the desire to win, of rising. And that is also what many families have bought Laurel tree to plant at home with the hope that their descendants will become famous and useful for life.

The tree is often grown in a pot as a bonsai (also because the tree has a curved, malleable body), planted as a garden fence or planted a path.

Laurel tree is considered a symbol of victory, so it is very popular in garden decoration, in addition, Laurel flower has a seductive fragrance.

Morphological characteristics:

Nguyet Que is a small tree, 2 - 8 m high, the bark is smooth, pale yellowish white, glossy, branched early, long, low, curled up, fat, crooked.

Leaves compound with odd feathers, bearing 5 - 9 extra leaves, alternate, whole, oblong oval, obtuse tip, pointed base, glossy green, smooth, with very small gland spots, tough, fragrant, veined. prominent midline, lateral veins thin.

Small panicle inflorescences at leaf axils or branch tips. Large flowers, pale yellow white flowers, fragrant (especially at night). Sepals at the base are 0.15 cm tall, green. The petals are oblong 1.5 cm long. Flowers are available all year round.
Berries, globose or ovate, base with pointed calyx remaining, red, lean flesh, 1-2 seeds.

Growing Conditions:

Temperature: plants can live and grow at 13°C-39ºC, most suitable from 23 ºC -29ºC, stop growing below 13ºC and die at -5ºC.
Light: the plant does not like direct light and light intensity is appropriate in the morning and evening, light during the day.
Humidity: the plant needs high humidity.
Soil: loamy, well-drained, fertile soil with a pH of 5-7 is suitable.

The tree is suitable for planting as a fence around the garden, path, as a construction tree or as a bonsai tree.

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