Japanese Morning glory

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Japanese Morning glory

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Japanese morning glory tree with small beautiful shape, unique leaf color, very easy to grow, easy to live, is loved and decorated everywhere.

Meaning of morning glory

The morning glory plant is very good at purifying the air. The tree is small, but its strong vitality represents the will, the potential strength to overcome difficulties in adverse circumstances.

Characteristics of Japanese morning glory

Japanese morning glory or Thai sage, spotted scorpion, sage plant belongs to herbaceous, succulent plants, similar in shape to water yam, but small and beautiful, and has a more unique leaf stem. The morning glory plant has the scientific name of Aglaonema muntifolium, the body is about 20-50 cm tall. Japanese morning glory leaves have a unique color with white patches or pink edges, heart-shaped, pointed at the tip, smooth. Another special feature of the morning glory tree is that from the position of the leaves falling, the tree develops auxiliary roots that cling to the soil to reproduce. Japanese morning glory flowers are rare, unisexual flowers with the same mo. Japanese morning glory has many white spots, very berry, elongated fruit.

How to plant and care for morning glory

Japanese morning glory is a strong, fast-growing plant that is extremely easy to grow and take care of. Thien Thanh can tolerate the sun or grow under the shade, good drought tolerance but poor waterlogging. The care of morning glory is quite simple, just water the plants if planted in pots and less need to fertilize, if planted in the ground, almost we do not have to take care of many plants still grow and develop normally. When the tree has many withered leaves, it should be pruned, if the tree has too high branches, cut off the high branches close to the base to create conditions for new shoots to grow. Willows reproduce vigorously just by growing extra stems from the eyes on the stem.

Propagation of morning glory is easy by separating the dust, or separating the branches attached to the stem and cutting into the ground.

Application of Japanese morning glory

Thien Thanh tree has fancy silver leaves, lovely shape, is not picky with care, so it is popular as a road garden in landscape works: from small garden and indoor landscape to streets, parks, urban areas. town, office, school…. create a fresh space. Morning glory can also be considered as a balcony flower to beautify your balcony, sun-resistant plants can withstand the harshness of the climate at home balconies...

It can be said that morning glory is a beautifully contoured construction tree, on the other hand, morning glory is also planted with other brightly colored plants such as deer's eye to create contrasts to make the space more eye-catching and bright. .

Morning glory is also grown in pots to create miniatures in front of the house, balcony or terrace. Because of its ability to withstand cold weather, it is also popularly planted in beautiful glass vases for indoor decoration from windows, study tables, desks, living rooms... creating a luxurious, lovely, cool beauty.


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