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Japanese leather tree

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The Japanese leather tree is now used by many people to create the art of creating a beautiful bonsai tree. The tree has a small size, so it is suitable for placing in tight locations, not taking up too much space in your home. This plant is native to Japan with small round leaves, woody stems, flowers and fruits. Currently, there are many bonsai players looking to buy this plant to put in the office, if the tree is larger, it can be left in the garden, living room... Just like other bonsai trees, this Japanese leather tree is always carried. a distinct beauty.

Japanese leather trees originate from the land of the rising sun, they are often styled by bonsai artists, with many different shapes and positions to bring one of the beautiful masterpieces. In order to bring people to enjoy the beautiful image of trees, growers often plant them in their home gardens, in front of yards... This tree is easy to shape and mold by its small, soft branches that are easy to shape, besides the The branches of the tree always grow up like the will of a person who does not succumb to hardships.

Some compact trees are often decorated in the living room and office, making the space more harmonious. The leaves are glossy green, oval and pointed at the ends, the plant produces small flowers followed by burgundy fruit. Thanks to the characteristics of the tree, this ornamental plant is also used by many people as a gift for friends and colleagues on special occasions.

The growth rate of the tree is quite slow and can withstand many different environmental conditions, can live in the shade or outdoors. But if in winter, growers should keep the plant warm by covering or keeping it indoors to prevent the tree from losing all its leaves. If you plant this tree, you should be aware that when the weather suddenly changes, it will cause the tree to lose all its leaves, this is also a disadvantage of the tree because the tree is highly sensitive to the weather.

Japanese leather trees also have a very special meaning, in feng shui, our forefathers planted them to help avoid evil, dispel bad air in the family and bring good things to the owner. Thanks to this point, many trees are planted and selected. So the tree is widely applied in decoration, gifting, beautifying space...

To have a beautiful bonsai, we need to plant and take care of it carefully. For this Japanese leather tree, too, it needs a separate care regime. Although the plant can be grown in the shade, tolerant of low-light environments or in an air-conditioned room, growers need to keep a few specific factors in mind such as:

– Japanese bonsai trees wait until the soil is dry to need to water, do not water too much to cause waterlogging of the roots.
When replacing potted soil for plants, it should only be changed about once every 2 to 3 years in late spring. To prepare the soil, you should choose a mixed soil including humus, soil, and sand mixed together.
– The pruning and bracing when shaping the tree, it is necessary to wait for the right time. Maybe it's time to repot for the first time. Then proceed to preserve the tree to be more stable. The dense foliage of many branches needs pruning to allow the young shoots to develop and create a more beautiful shape for the tree.
– In each spring to autumn, the grower should fertilize the tree and then fertilize every 2 months and take care of many times of the year to provide enough nutrients for the plant to grow.

Japanese leather trees are also one of the interesting bonsai trees for tree lovers to be able to enjoy their beauty every day.


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