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Indian Chrysanthemum

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Indian chrysanthemum vines to shade your house

Indian chrysanthemum grows strongly with green leaves all year round, without extra leaves growing in beautiful long chains like a natural curtain, like a smooth, winding green silk shield from the harsh summer sun and can Very good air filter effect, bringing cool air. Although there are no flowers, Indian chrysanthemums can be classified as climbing plants because of the uniqueness of chrysanthemum leaves like small blue petals that fall down, very special and beautiful.
Characteristics of Indian Chrysanthemum

The Indian chrysanthemum tree is known by many names, the bamboo vine, the silver-headed tree, the plum tree, the scientific name is Vernonia elliptica, belonging to the daisy family originating from India.

Indian chrysanthemum is a woody, perennial vine with a length of about 3-20m. The trunk is green when young and turns brown when old, with gray fine hairs, long soft branches. Indian chrysanthemum leaves are dark green, oblong oval, pointed or obtuse apex, short petioles, whole edges. Chrysanthemum leaves rarely fall and are green all year round.

Small beautiful Indian chrysanthemums grow in lovely clusters, flowers have 5 petals, about 5-6mm long, light pink corolla. The fruit is light brown, cylindrical with 5 corners.
How to grow and care for Indian chrysanthemums

Indian chrysanthemum is a hardy plant, grows quickly, tolerates sun, heat, drought, and good water, the more it rains, the greener the chrysanthemum will be.

Indian chrysanthemums can be grown on many types of soil, including bad soils, poor nutrients, loamy soil or sandy, rocky soil.... Plant Indian chrysanthemums in a well-ventilated place, with a lot of sun and wind, but the tree can also tolerate partial shade. Indian chrysanthemum adapts quickly to new environments.

The watering needs of chrysanthemums are very high because the tree has many branches, many leaves, and is quite waterlogged. You can water the plant daily in the morning.

Fertilize once a month or 2-3 months to help plants grow healthy, green leaves, many branches.

Indian chrysanthemums are propagated very simply by branches, just bury a branch on the trunk in the moist soil, just a few days after the branch has grown new roots, break that branch to plant, we have a new chrysanthemum.

Because the tree hangs long, you must have a trellis or support for the tree so that the tree can create a beautiful shape.
Application of Indian Chrysanthemum

The Indian chrysanthemum tree has green leaves all year round, the stem is as soft as a blue silk strip, which is an effective solution to prevent heat from the sun at low cost, no need to build a truss, no fussy care, no maintenance. Extra roots grow dirty the wall, because only when there is soil new plants take root.

Chrysanthemums can be planted to cover the surface of walls and gates, planted from high floors, and drooping balconies to the lower floors obscure the view, both air conditioning, creating a cool space, and providing a private space.

Indian chrysanthemums are also popular for planting parks, urban areas, landscape decoration, cafes, miniatures .... Both easy to grow, easy to take care of, and bring natural beauty, rich in aesthetics.

Indeed, the Indian chrysanthemum tree knows how to make a difference in the vast natural world by itself, with a flexible and gentle stem, with a fresh green color of leaves, leaves do not fall. soiled the house but poured down from above like a waterfall wall, green and full of personality. Chrysanthemum is increasingly popular planted everywhere because of its versatility.


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