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English Rose has bright colors and beautiful shape, so it is considered the queen of tropical vines. Especially when growing Hong Anh vines where the fence or balcony drops branches, it can create a green wall dotted with vibrant, bright pink flowers. The English Rose rope can hold and reach a height of 4.5 m in warm climates.

Large, tubular English Roses grow at the ends of branches. The flowers are light to dark pink and have a red, white variety with a yellow center. But pink is the most popular flower color planted in Vietnam. Here is the most correct technique of planting English Roses for those who love to grow this flower for reference.

Like English Roses

There are two types of English Roses: single and double. The single primrose has 5 petals, like the hydrangea and the hydrangea. Double English Roses have more petals than about 3-4 layers. The fruit of the Hong Anh tree is a capsule, with few seeds and spines.


Hong Anh wire prefers sunny places but can also tolerate partial shade. The plant prefers loamy, well-drained soil. Always keep the English persimmon tree moist, but do not allow it to be submerged in water. Hong Anh is suitable for places with warm, humid climate, full light, can also be placed in a slightly shady place, but if the light is not enough, it will flower few flowers. The suitable growing temperature is from 20-30oC.
Techniques for growing English roses

This plant is usually grown by cuttings in Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Hong Anh vines can be propagated by cuttings, cutting the old stem and using drugs to stimulate rooting and growth. Hong Anh wire has a fast growth rate in a warm environment. Highly adaptable to growing soil, but it is best to plant in sandy soil that contains a lot of humus, well drained, loose and nutrient-rich soil. If you use the available soil at home, you should mix ½ of organic fertilizer (vermicompost, tribat cow dung).

With an area of ​​​​about 3m2, you need a pot about the size of a large foam box. For a larger truss, a slightly larger pot is needed. First, you need to fill the pot with soil about 2/3 of the pot or more. Remove the pot containing the plant and put the plant down to bury the soil. Do not allow the stump to sink deep into the soil.

After planting, you must remove the poles that hold the tree gently, remove each tassel and squeeze them onto your climbing rig, the more tassels you remove, the faster the tree will climb.

If you like to plant in the ground, first you need to dig a hole 3 times the size of the pot, then put the plant down and do the same steps as planting in a pot.
Caring for English Roses

When the string is in the growing stage, it is recommended to fertilize 3-5 times, but do not apply too much nitrogen to avoid the case of strong growth but little flowering. When the vines flower, pruning should be carried out. If the tree is 1 or 2 years old, it should only be pruned a little, mainly to correct the shape of the wire. If perennial, you can prune in the spring to stimulate new branches.

Common Pests

The most common disease in English roses is the sap-sucking mealybug. When you see the phenomenon of leaves curling, flowers are atrophied, check to see that there are many tiny white spots, the plant has been infected with aphids. To prevent pests and diseases, spraying aphids for plants is best, so it is best to spray on a sunny day, the probability of aphids dying will be higher. If there are young children in the house, you should spray diluted dishwashing oil to avoid toxicity.

Also, you must regularly clean up damaged leaves under the root to prevent moisture from causing fungal diseases. Cut small, thin tops to grow new, stronger branches. Prevent aphids by spraying ant killers on the soil because ants will carry aphid eggs everywhere.


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