Ho Liem Dang Tree (Dragon Beard)

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Ho Liem Dang Tree (Dragon Beard)

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The tree of the lake Liem Dang, also known as the bearded dragon tree

Scientific name: Cissus verticillata.
Belongs to the family: Grapes (Vitaceae).
English name: Princesvine.

This species is naturally distributed in many regions of the Americas, from North America (Florida, Northern Mexico) to Central and South America (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru...).
The tree has heart-shaped leaves, dark, climbing by tendrils in the leaf axils. Flowers grow into cylindric flowers, gathering many small, milky yellow flowers. The tree is less deciduous, the flowers do not cause dirt, and the roots are beautiful, so it is very suitable for planting and embellishing for the foyer, temples, offices...

In addition to the ornamental effect, the plant also has many remarkable medicinal effects. The whole plant, from leaves, stems to roots, has diuretic, anti-inflammatory, and expectorant effects, and can be used to treat many different diseases such as sunburn or boiling water burns, skin ulcers, bruises, leg edema, and numbness. , flu, back pain, rash, hemorrhoids, gangrene...
Planting and care:
The tree is very easy to grow. To propagate, just choose the body of the cake (not too young or too old), cut off all the leaves, leaving only a part of the stem, cut into segments with two to three eyes.
leaves to make cuttings. It is best to use polyethylene bags to create potting bags, the inside of the potting bag is loose soil mixed with clean sand (2 parts soil, 1 part sand). Fill the bag with soil, just put it in
Soil the bottom of the potting so that the potting soil is compacted naturally. Arrange the potting bags in a flat spot with no water, using a shower or a plastic pump to saturate the potting bags. Use a bamboo chopstick to poke a hole in the center of the pot, put the cutting foot in the hole and lightly fill it with soil. Shade and monitor for additional watering just enough moisture. After a while, the axillary buds develop into new branches, then the potting bags are planted.
When the tree is big, the roots fall down one by one, the trunk reaches where the roots go, forming a curtain that looks very beautiful. In order to make the root curtain evenly spread and have the height as desired, growers use scissors to thin and cut with the root tip. From the cut, many young roots grow and hang down in the direction of gravity, increasing
its natural beauty. Especially in the early mornings of summer, the tips of the roots collect water drops, sparkling with light, looking very fanciful.
This tree is suitable for landscaping the cafe's yard, shade in the garden, corridor, porch, ... can form a very beautiful and unique curtain in front of the house.


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