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Green Bamboo Tree

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Green Bamboo is an outdoor ornamental plant that has many meanings to each Vietnamese person. Referring to Green Bamboo is referring to the village bamboo ramparts, the rustic and idyllic images of the Vietnamese homeland. The image of Green Bamboo is often mentioned in poems and essays by many poets and writers.

That's why today's garden design, especially the design bearing the image of a village, with a bamboo bridge span, it is indispensable for shady green bamboo bushes. The designers have a quite unique combination of modern and classic, bringing green bamboo into the garden space to help people enjoy the fresh, airy and green beauty.

The tree is suitable for planting as a shade tree, for ornamental planting to create a landscape for parks, urban corners, or for planting in the garden to create a path to the house.

Green Bamboo is a flowering plant, but blooms only once at the end of its life. Usually, bamboo has a flowering period of about every 50-60 years. Bamboo flowers have a slightly strong scent and are light yellow like the color of earth. Green Bamboo is close to people because it is easy to live and quite popular in life. In the trend of garden decoration, we use bamboo without thorns to create aesthetics for the building.
In feng shui, green bamboo is one of the powerful symbols of longevity. This plant is also a symbol of resilience to overcome all adversities and the ability to withstand the storms of life. In feng shui, bamboo is not only a symbol of longevity and health, but also a strong symbol of fortune. The drawing of a bamboo tree combined with feng shui calligraphy is said to bring a happy long life, helping to overcome hardships. Bamboo also has the ability to remove benzene, trichlorethylene, formaldehyde, enhancing the feeling of peace and warmth for people.


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