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Golden Palace Tree

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Golden Palace is a beautiful ornamental plant that is popularly grown as an ornamental in Vietnam today. The tree is used for interior decoration - office, desk, study table or living room table...

This is an ornamental plant with eye-catching colors, showing luxury. The tree radiates a freshness and splendor to the surrounding space like the light of palatial palaces.

The tree is believed to bring wealth and wealth to the owner.

Common name: golden palace tree or glorious tree Scientific name: Aglaonema crispum or Aglaonema sp

Botanical Family: Araceae (Way)

Characteristics, morphology: The tree is clustered, the leaves are white-green along the flanks, the veins are red, the plant is herbaceous, perennial, when growing, it has a height of 20-150 cm. The leaves replace the stem, the leaves are ovate, green, yellow or red with spots. Has discreet white or blue flowers.

Fast growth rate. Suitable for: partial or full shade tolerant plants, suitable for interior plants, office plants, ornamental plants, easy propagation from dust separation. Average water needs, prefers cool and humid climates.

Application: The golden palace tree is used as an interior tree, office tree, desktop tree

Meaning: The golden palace plant has a noble and luxurious meaning, is a desktop hydroponic plant as a blessing for individuals or businesses to always be prosperous and prosperous. With bright colors, it can also bring you mental excitement and relaxation during stressful working hours.


The care is very simple:

– At least once a week, the plant should be exposed to continuous light for 2 hours in the morning from 7am to 9am.
– When you see that the tree has yellowed, wilted leaves, ... take the scissors to prune the damaged parts, helping the tree to have new leaves and roots.


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