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In fact, there are many different types of ornamental plants and they all have a beautifying effect, to decorate the interior, exterior and natural landscape, to help the environment become greener, cleaner and cooler. Not only for ornamental purposes, but there are some plants that have special uses, which can cure some diseases and help people's lives. That's why, plants and flowers would like to introduce to you the great general plant with the wonderful healing effects that they bring.

If you talk about the characteristics of the general tree, you will see that they are like pineapple but the leaves do not have serrations on the side. People often call this plant a smooth-leaved plant or a garlic trunk, because the flower of the plant grows on a long stalk like a garlic stalk, each inflorescence has 20 to 30 flowers, the flowers are white. The leaves are smooth and long like a pandan leaf. So which part of the plant has the ability to cure diseases and how are they used?

Thanks to scientific evidence, this plant has the effect of reducing benign hypertrophy by 35.4% and has anti-inflammatory effects, reducing tumor weight by 25.4%.

The most useful part of the General plant is the roots, tubers and leaves. Because the root has a bitter taste, a slightly pungent odor, and is hot, it has the effect of treating cold, detoxifying inflammation, and swelling. So what disease can the general plant cure?

Some types of plant diseases can be treated and used such as:

Cure vomiting: If you have nausea, you can use the leaves of this plant to pound and squeeze the water to drink, if you find it difficult to drink, you can add a little sugar, you will feel more comfortable.

Cure sprains, joint pain: this is a remedy that many people use when treating sprains. Take the leaves pounded to get water, add a little alcohol, then the water on hot coals, put on the sprain, bandage after a while will feel a lot less pain. People also use the great general to beat the cold, shave the wind ....

Treatment of skin diseases, boils, external hemorrhoids: also use the juice of the leaves after pounding and covering pimples, skin diseases. If you have hemorrhoids, use the leaves to decoction and drink every day.

Cure back pain: Take the chopped leaves along with roasted salt and put it in a towel and apply it to your back, massage it continuously for 3 to 5 days to reduce back pain.

Besides curing diseases like above, this plant can cure some diseases such as: toothache, sore throat, sore throat, dermatitis, skin ulcers, joint pain...

This plant is not only popular in Vietnam, but it is also present all over the world, being prepared in many places as an effective traditional medicine. They are folk remedies handed down for many generations to help people's lives. They have unexpected benefits for human health. Wouldn't it help if you had this plant in your house?

So where is the general tree sold? You can find this plant easily, go to the plant and flower shop. We will provide you with the best varieties in different sizes. Because this plant can be propagated by tubers or separated into seedlings, you can choose to be more suitable for planting. In addition to buying trees quickly, receiving after-sales incentives, we also advise you on how to plant and take care of this tree.

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