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Common names: Dai red flower, big flower or porcelain flower, leper porcelain

Two-part nomenclature: Plumeria rubra.

Is a species of plant in the genus Dai, the family Trucaceae. This is one of the first plants to be described by Carl Linnaeus, the father of taxonomy.

The tree is native to Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Venezuela, and is grown around the world, suitable for tropical and subtropical climates. Plants are grown in many botanical gardens, temples, gardens, parks, factories, schools or on the street.

The red (porcelain) plant can grow up to 7 m-8 m tall, fragrant flowers, pink, white or yellow, bloom in summer and autumn.

Small tree 4-5m high or more, with fat branches, white latex. Leaves alternate, large, oval or oval in shape, with short nose, hairless or rarely hairy on the underside, tusks at the tip of a long stalk, bearing red fragrant flowers, often with a yellow center; thick petals; many stamens stick on the colonic canal. The fruit is spread out in a straight line, 10-15cm long; thin winged seeds.

Native to tropical America from Mexico to Guyana and Ecuador, domesticated in Western Europe. Imported because of its beautiful flowers and perennial growth. People collect flowers when they just bloom, use fresh or dry or lightly dry to dry. Dry is better than fresh.

Flowers have sweet taste, light fragrance, average, have the effect of sputum, except cough, clear heat, minus low, blood sugar. Latex has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects.


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