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Flowers of Tigon

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The French brought the technique of growing tigon flowers to Vietnam from the 20th century, since then, tigon color has left a deep impression and a sense of rejuvenation for many Vietnamese people.

First appearing in Hanoi in the 17th century, tigon flowers gradually appeared in many places on the S-shaped curved strip of land, creating many poetic inspirations and feelings of rejoicing for Vietnamese people. Each flower is like a small heart broken into a bunch, climbing over the fence, swinging to catch the sun, forming a beautiful scene to help green and poetic around the house, very meaningful. The technique of growing tigon flowers is actually not too difficult.
Overview of tigon flowers and flower growing techniques

The technique of growing tigon flowers was brought to Vietnam by the French in the 20th century and applied until now.

Tigon is a climbing, woody, tuberous plant that grows deep in the soil. Soft stem branched, long, soft, very beautiful shape. The leaves are simple, the tips of the leaves are elongated, the shape of the nose, the base of the leaves is deep heart-shaped, the leaf surface is serrated, soft, light green. The leaves are green all year round, but the old leaves wither and do not fall off, causing the newly sprouted young leaves to overlap the dry leaves. Flowers are pink or light purple, flowers are very wrong. The stems are tangled, the leaves stay on the stem and it is difficult to fall off, so the truss needs to be very thin. At the end of the dry season or early spring, the tigon flower growers in the North need to prune the old branches to collect the leaves. dry to allow the tree to be airy, to help young branches grow more.

The plant is easy to grow by separating the sprouts from the parent plant or by seed. The tree grows slowly at first, then it is much branched and elongated. Seedlings after 3-4 months in the nursery can be elected and planted in a permanent place.
Techniques for planting a beautiful tigon flower trellis

Must know, in order to grow tigon flowers, flower growers must separate the sprout branches from the mother plant or take seeds, also known as propagation from cuttings and seeds.
Planting land

Tigon flowers are grown in pots, the soil in the pots must be good, with a lot of humus, treated with pests and diseases, Ph=7. The soil composition is composed as follows: 7 parts of soil, 2 parts of rotten garbage, 1 part of sand + Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium. Another type of soil with a simpler and more common wall is also often used to grow tigon flowers, including the following ingredients: decomposed manure 25%, fertile soil 50%, rice husk ash 25%, inorganic fertilizer 1%. Florists can purchase these ingredients from gardeners. Techniques for growing tigon flowers are divided into two ways.
How to grow tigon flowers

The first way is to plant seeds or seedlings. The florist will hoe, dig holes in the soil and then plant seeds or put seedlings in the holes. Then cover with soil and lightly water to moisten. And yet, in order to protect the tree and let the tree grow beautifully, it is necessary to make a protective truss.

The second way is to apply the method of cuttings. Growers need to choose an old and luxuriant branch, if there are many branches, it is best to bring home. Then choose a place where the soil is moist and rich in nutrients to dig a small hole and stick that branch down. The next step is quite simple, just fill up with soil, bury slightly high and lightly water to moisten.
Care techniques after planting tigon flowers

Bringing a beautiful and elegant living space is the benefit of tigon flower growing technique. (Illustration).

To have a beautiful tigon flower rig, flower growers must pay attention to careful care, watering a sufficient amount of water every day because if they are newly planted and watered too much, the flowers will have root rot and branch rot. Water the plant twice a day, the plant must be shaded in the shade. After a month, just watering the plant once a day is enough. Watering potted plants should be watered in the morning or in the cool of the day. Always take care not to let sand and soil collect on the leaves.

After 10 days of planting, it is necessary to shovel the stump, because the tigon flower prefers loose, fertile soil, good heat dissipation, so after 20-25 days, continue to weed, stir once to grow well. . Long-term plants in pots need to be fertilized 2-3 times, fertilizer must be spread around the base with the following dosage: broken manure: 0.5-1.5 kg/pot, inorganic fertilizer: 2- 4g/pot (NPK).

Always pay attention to care, pay attention, when the plant flowers, buds often have many types of insect damage, which should be detected and handled immediately. Thus, everyone will have a beautiful and poetic flower arrangement without spending too much effort, tigon flowers are also a way to decorate a beautiful and romantic home space.


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