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Desktop Money Needle

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Kim Phat Fortune has a large and strong body that lies hidden in the ground. On the ground, the money tree has no main stem, but it sprouts a lot of sprouts later on forming many small stems, thanks to this feature, it is easy to propagate.

Kim money belongs to a plant with double leaves, leaves about the size of a thumb grow symmetrically on both sides of the leaf stalk, the petiole is short but very, dark green and eye-catching.

Thanks to the feature of non-stop proliferation and development of branches, the money tree, although it has a life span of only about 2-3 years, can live for a long time if it is well cared for and develops smoothly because the tree is constantly changing. new. Thanks to that ability of the Kim Tien tree, it is also considered a "phat" tree - Kim develops fortune.

Money tree or fortune tree represents wealth, wealth and money, this is an ornamental plant that is believed to bring a lot of meaning in terms of feng shui.

Especially when the tree blooms is also the time to bring the most fortune and luck. At the same time, you can also decorate a few red threads or a few gold coins to increase the feng shui meaning for the owner.

Money tree is suitable for office, living room or director's room. You can give it as a gift on holidays, promotions or grand openings...

Currently, Gia Huy Bonsai Garden is providing the market with this ornamental plant species with the best price in the market and the quality of healthy and beautiful plants.

Name of tree, origin: The tree has the scientific name of Zamiokulkas zamifolia. Made in tropical countries.

Characteristics and morphology: Money tree has rhizomes, feathery compound leaves, oblong oval shape at both ends, shiny green color, very beautiful thick. Inflorescences globose, growing from the base, short. The tree grows in a bush, grows symmetrically, the leaf blade is glossy green. Stems grow straight and spread to the sides, succulent, swollen at the bottom of the tree.

Adaptation conditions: tolerant of partial shade, medium water needs. Propagated by dust separation or leaf cuttings, strong growth, prefers cool and humid climate

Application: has the effect of humidifying and cooling the air, especially in spaces where light is refracted through glass, trees are planted a lot in the stairs, foyer, office, living room, office or You can create a place for the tree.

Meaning: Not only is it a beautiful decoration in the house, the Money Tree also has a feng shui meaning, this plant is said to bring luck and generate money for the owner.

There are a few things you need to pay attention to when planting and caring for money tree: 1. Soil quality: must ensure a lot of humus, porous, can add a little sand and gravel to increase drainage. Moderate acidity (pH= 5-6.5).

2. The pot must be large because the tree has a fast growth rate.

3. Light-temperature-humidity: avoid direct sunlight, suitable temperature is from 25-27, plants have leaf use phenomenon at temperature below 15 degrees and die at temperatures below 5 degrees and Regularly increase the humidity of the plant.

4. Propagation: You can propagate in early spring by sowing seeds, separating sprouts or cutting leaves…


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