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Chilli Flower

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Clusters of chili peppers are easy to grow

Chilli flowers with brilliant and attractive beauty, with millions of flowers on a truss, that brilliant yellow-orange color is like gathering all the summer sun to burn and heat up the truss. The bunch of chili peppers is a climbing flower, only needing to have a clinging point like a house wall, or a trellis will give you a beautiful climbing flower, the chili flower is a perennial flower.

The meaning of the chili pepper plant

The flower cluster of chili peppers with a beautiful small chili fruit brings luck and success to the owner.

Characteristics of the chili pepper plant

Chilli flower plant is known by many names Rang Dong, Fire flower, Firecracker because the flowers are bright orange like the rising sun like bright sparks. The bunch of chili peppers has the scientific name Bignonia floribunda Hort, belongs to the family Nuc Nac - Bignoniaceae, originating from Brazil.

The bunch of chili peppers is a woody, medium-growing, perennial, soft-leaved plant with many branches that can climb up to 20m. The bunch of chili peppers climbs with tassels. The leaves are dark green, oval in shape, pointed at the tip, symmetrically growing, glossy green, deciduous in winter. When we rub the leaves, we can see the garlic taste. The flower clusters are tubular, with four soft and thin petals. about 7.5cm long, brilliant orange-yellow color, looks very much like a chili pepper from afar. Chilli flowers grow in clusters of about 15-20 flowers in the axils of leaves and at the ends of branches, so they are very wrong, the flowers cover the whole leaves, so they look very gorgeous. Hermaphrodite flowers with white stamens and yellow stamens usually bloom in early spring to the end of summer. The bunch of chili peppers rarely bear fruit, the capsule is about 30 cm long.

How to plant and care for chili pepper plants

The chili pepper plant is a healthy plant, easy to grow and care for, and is quite resistant to harsh weather.

Dawn likes bright light but can also live in partial shade, drought tolerant but poor cold tolerance, where the wind is cold, the plant usually does not flower.

Land for planting dawn has many forms from acidic soil to alkaline soil, rocky soil under normal natural conditions. However, if the soil is bad, the tree is often barren, or deciduous, and the tree grows slowly.

The plant has many branches and leaves, so it needs to be watered a lot, so it should be watered every 2-3 days. It is necessary to prune the tree after each flowering to stimulate the tree to have more branches and flower at the next time.

Monthly fertilize or fertilize every 2-3 months for trees, increase nutrition after pruning branches to promote tree growth.

Propagating bunches of chili peppers by cuttings is simple and effective, you just need to choose a branch or shoot with roots. Cut about 15-20cm, have enough eyes to plug into a moist substrate. In the first few weeks, it is necessary to water twice a day in the early morning and late afternoon to keep the soil moist. If the weather is hot for a long time, watering can be done in the following weeks, but the amount and frequency of water is reduced, otherwise, watering should be limited.

The chili plant has a climbing stem that clings to it with tassels, so it needs a place to hold on or a trellis for the plant to grow well.

Application of plants in decoration of chili pepper plants

Chilli flower tree has beautiful brilliant flowers forming huge trellis, attracting all eyes when the tree appears, so it is very popular for planting fences, climbing flower beds or bending into villa porches.

People also plant bunches of chili on the stone walls or trellis nets, the dense ken flowers are like a brilliant wall of fire, extremely eye-catching and bring a sense of luxury and overwhelm to anyone looking. see for the first time.

Outstanding vibrant colors, extremely wrong flowers make the chili bunch bring a joyful and colorful atmosphere to the space where the plants appear. No need to spend too much space, just a small space for the bunch of plants. Chili takes root, stretches into a vivid orange truss, adorning the exterior space.

In addition to the ornamental effect, the dawn wire also has many uses in oriental medicine, making medicine to treat pneumonia, hepatitis, sore throat, swelling pain, cough ...


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