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Cherry Blossom

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– Japanese name: Sakura cherry blossom
– English name: cherry blossom
– Woody trunk, gray bark, large tree with the most luxuriant branches, green leaves often fall before flowers bloom. Flowers usually bloom from late January to early May.
– Cherry blossoms have many different colors such as white, pink, red… and in all there are 50 different types of cherry blossoms in Japan. Flowers usually last for a short time from 1 to 2 weeks when flowers fade. Depending on the type and weather conditions, the durability of flowers is different.
- Fragile, gentle petals bring beauty to people's hearts. It is said that cherry blossoms are beautiful but sad because this flower is the incarnation of a young girl who died by love. This plant often grows in the mountains to satisfy flower-watchers when traveling.

Meaning of cherry blossom tree

– “If you are a flower, you will be a cherry blossom, if you are a person, you will be a samurai” A saying with a deep meaning, they symbolize indomitable resilience, expressing the spirit of the most resolute will.
Flowers often bloom in large arrays, implying solidarity, being closely linked with each other with the most genuine love.
- Flowers bloom quickly but melt quickly, in return the flowers are pure and beautiful, so it means to enjoy life to the fullest, don't let it go to waste.
– The scene of falling cherry blossoms brings tolerance and generosity in a sad but most eloquent way. When flowers reach the realm of the highest beauty, they wither away, like a hero showing a noble, most brilliant beauty before leaving.
This flower is also a harbinger of good luck to the owner and represents love and fresh life.
For the country of Japan, this tree also has the meaning of a dignified, patient cherry blossom, a symbol of peace for the country, a symbol of community strength.

With the above cherry blossom meanings, it has made the flower of the land of the rising sun even more famous. Do you want to have a beautiful cherry tree in front of your house, making your home space more lively? Come to the world of trees and flowers, here we sell cherry blossom trees of different varieties. It is a popular outdoor ornamental plant, looking to buy and grow in the home garden. Let's make the garden more colorful and meaningful. We also supply cherry tree varieties in bulk. You can contact the store at any time. In addition, the shop also offers many different types of ornamental plants with their symbolic meanings, even in beautiful interior plants, there are many varieties.


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