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Buddha's Bamboo - Guanyin bamboo

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Buddha's bamboo - Quan yin bamboo tree. In the past, the bamboo tree was included in poetry as a very familiar, rustic and rustic image. They represent the beauty of the affectionate countryside. Through the ups and downs of history, this tree has survived with time with the deepest meanings.

The wind blows bamboo branches, the sound of Tran Vu bells, Tho Xuong chicken soup. Indeed, not only appears in poetry, but bamboo is also praised for its most holy beauty. And in today's post, we want to mention to you a plant called Truc Phat Ba - Quan Am Bamboo, also known as Frog Leg Bamboo, Chicken Leg Bamboo. Why does it have such a special name? Bamboo trees are so familiar to us, they are very close, familiar, rustic. This type of tree has a special feature in the nodes of the trunk, with small upper internodes, large bottom like chicken thighs, frog thighs and other branches that look like the thousand hands of the Buddha. The tree also has a gentle beauty similar to the image of the goddess Guanyin extending her arms to greet sentient beings. That's why this tree got its name.

The Buddha's bamboo has a very special shape, with the nodes fused together and each node shaped like a chicken thigh and the upper eyes of the tree grow branches evenly to the sides, forming a fan-like shape. thousand hands lady. The tree has an average height of 1.5 to 3m, if the environment is favorable, the tree can grow up to 10m. When the tree is young, the stem is green, smooth when old, it turns yellow green with a little white powder covered. The bamboo segments are often uneven, long and short. Leaves are oblong, spear-shaped, green leaves hairy below, smooth on top.

Guanyin bamboo is chosen as an outdoor green tree with many practical applications in daily life. They are often grown as ornamental plants in the garden, yard, in front of the gate... If planted in a pot, the height is usually limited, regulating the tree so that it does not grow too thick, then to decorate the corridor, balcony, bridge. ladder... Currently, this bamboo tree is planted and used very widely, typically in pagodas, communal houses, or urban areas, street landscapes, etc. because of the meaning they give.

Speaking of which, I remember that bamboo trees are not only beautiful in appearance, but they are also beautiful in meaning. Although trees have many branches and leaves, they are not broken or crushed when encountering rain, wind, and storms, but they are still standing upright and resilient in the face of all difficulties, this shows us The steadfast will in the bamboo brings. Through this, the profound meaning in life is drawn "never backing down from life's stormy difficulties".

In addition to the meaning of steadfastness and indomitableness, they also show the most upright, tolerant, and most tolerant heart. With this, once again the Buddha tree adds beauty to nature and people. In life is like that, what about in feng shui? According to our ancestors, in the past, the comment about this kind of Buddha bamboo tree has drawn the meaning that the Buddha tree in feng shui is a symbol of happiness and fullness. Therefore, the tree is often planted in front of the house to bring luck and good luck to the whole family.

Cây trúc phật bà – trúc quan âm


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