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British Gold Tree

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Common name: Anh Vang tree

Scientific name: Saraca dives

Family: Fabaceae

Height: average 10-15m

Vang Anh tree is widely used, widely distributed in all regions of Vietnam.

Vang Anh is a large tree with a wide canopy that gives shade and beautiful yellow flowers all year round.

The leaves of Vang Anh tree are feathery compound leaves with oblong oval leaflets, when young, the leaflets are purple-brown drooping mixed with green leaves that look very eye-catching. Flowers bloom in clusters at the top of branches, colorful with yellow flowers, with yellow-orange and red flowers, looking almost like a bunch of flowers. The fruit is flattened bean-shaped, with a very characteristic purple color.

With a tall shape, beautiful flowers, shade and green all year round, Vang Anh tree is included in the list of urban green trees, often planted on sidewalks, along streets, in parks...

In addition, Vang Anh tree also has medicinal uses, such as treating rheumatism, falling, menorrhagia. tumors, fractures, ulcers, skin discoloration, inflammation, depression in women, external hemorrhoids, syphilis, increased biliary secretion.

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