American Pineapple – Jade Tree

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American Pineapple – Jade Tree

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Ngoc Gia pineapple is a beautiful outdoor ornamental plant. The tree has a strange shape, the leaf sheaths are arranged like the hundred hands of Guan Yin Buddha. The leaves of the plant have a light green color giving a feeling of freshness.

The tree has a long life span, lasting from 10 to 30 years. The plant dies when it flowers, but then new shoots grow. The plant is drought tolerant and has good sun tolerance.

The tree is very suitable for planting as an ornamental plant in urban areas, as landscape works, in parks or if the garden is large, you can grow it as a small ornamental garden decoration.
Jade Tree.

Scientific name: Agave americana, Agave altissima, Agave spectabilin

Plant family: Agavaceae (Agave)

Origin: The tree first originated from Mexico, then spread to the US and then to the world.

Distribution in Vietnam: Widespread.

Morphological characteristics:

Stem, Canopy, Leaves: Short stem, almost absent. Leaves are spear-shaped, tapering at the apex, stem-hugging base, thick, hard, large, white-green, glossy, toothed margins and black sharp spines. Leaves are asterisked, densely close to the ground. There are also a number of strains for beautiful leaves with yellow stripes, which are popular ornamental plants.

Flowers, Fruits, Seeds: Inflorescences on stout peduncles, upright 5-8m high. The branching apex is short, horizontal, bearing many yellow-green flowers. Flowers large, upright. Capsule fruit. When there are flowers, the stem begins to wither. Seedlings germinate right on the dead flower cluster and fall down to continue growing.

Physiological and ecological features:

Growth rate: Medium.

Suitable for: Light-loving plants, good drought tolerance, easy to grow, does not require much care.

Plants grow well, as ornamental plants in the garden, bored with flying sand, fireproof.

Pineapple tree is suitable for growing as an outdoor bonsai, decorating the garden, planting as a construction tree to create urban landscapes ... also can be planted in pots or hung as ornamental plants.


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