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Gia Long Construction and Exhibition Company Limited is a unit specializing in consulting, designing, constructing bonsai, garden landscape in Ho Chi Minh City and most provinces across the country. We are proud to bring to our customers beautiful, fresh and modern spaces that are suitable for the city landscape. This is a suitable working environment for the office and a place to relax after tiring working hours.

With a team of employees and workers who have the harmony between two generations of experience and youth, Gia Long always brings creativity in each landscape that we are the implementing unit. Each project is the source of a story or a separate cultural space and the customer is the key to awakening those deep values. Come to Gia Long to listen to true stories through the works that we have done over the years.

Many years of operation in the landscape field, Gia Long Landscape affirms its experience, quality and reputation through hundreds of projects in many provinces and cities across the country. Typical projects are from islands such as Phu Quoc, Ly Son, Co To... to big cities such as: Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Da Nang... Our extensive activities have brought trust and love from customers as well as affirming our brand in the current market.


Mission and vision

Gia Long aims to become a unit specializing in providing landscape products and services to consumers, bringing green space to people's lives, contributing to environmental protection with sustainable development.

In order to add green color to the city, we always strive and dedicate ourselves to creating works with impressive and unique designs in line with the current "green living" trend.

Gia Long Landscape guarantees to bring customers great experiences about beautiful green landscape, sustainable value at the same time. We provide a variety of products and services to meet the city's green living needs. In terms of products, the company provides ornamental plants such as: ornamental plants for interior, exterior, office, construction and many other plants. Gia Long also owns a variety of landscape services such as: landscape design and construction, sale and rental of ornamental plants, bonsai maintenance services... Gia Long Company is increasingly aiming for a complete landscape model that meets technical, design, spatial and environmental standards.


Operation philosophy

All projects or works, big or small, are completed based on the enthusiasm and efforts of the company's employees. To do that, we have built an operating philosophy for all employees based on the following criteria:

Top art: Each design will be associated with a different story and theme designed specifically for you by the architect.

Gold quality: Because quality is a belief, this is the reason why all the projects that we are the implementing unit are completed on schedule.

Customer satisfaction: This is the basis and motivation for us to continue to bring green space and values to every home.

Gia Long Landscape is always learning, absorbing and changing to catch up and lead the trend to meet the needs as well as bring the best to customers, with high aesthetics, sustainability, and reasonable prices. , ensuring the progress and absolute satisfaction of customers in each project. To do all of that, we always take prestie first, always develop the company and cultivate experience under the motto: Professionalism - Prestige - Responsibility.

Message from the leadership

With many years of working in the fied, knowledgeable about the landscape field, I myself have always had a burning desire to bring the green of nature closer to the community and society. In the hope of contributing a small blue color to a big blue sky. I understand that “Go green and save green – Live green” is the trend of the current era. And we, Gia Long company collective are on the way to realize that dream for customers and life.




location-icon 158/28/17 Pham Van Chieu, Ward 9, Go Vap District, HCM

tel-icon Ms Hieu: 0972 662 569 _ Ms Sang: 0357 199 019

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